Netherlands Missions, Japan

Dutch Floral Design in Japan

The Netherlands is not only known for its flowers and flower bulbs, but also for its flower design. Dutch floral design is held in high regard throughout the world, but definitely also in Japan.

For everyone who wants to practice professional Dutch floral design, VBW Centrale Vereniging Bloemendetailhandel, the official Dutch florist association, in cooperation with Dutch schools and licensed schools from other countries, has set up a complete range of vocational courses with its own examination system and certificates.

The contents of these courses are frequently updated in accordance with the latest developments in professional practice. The diploma line consists of both practical and theoretical aspects, supported by its own set of books.

The examinations are held throughout the world. The same standards and examination regulations apply everywhere. As a result, all certificate holders worldwide are equally qualified. The certificates range from beginner's level (DFA) to Master in floral design.

There are also licensed schools in Japan. See the following links for an overview of Dutch floral design licensed schools in Japan:

While living in Japan, a Certificate of European Floristry (CEF) acknowledged by the Wellant College can also be obtained at a licensed school.  The CEF is incorporated in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) of the European Union. More information on the CEF is available here.