Netherlands Missions, Japan

Public Diplomacy, Political and Cultural Affairs Section (PPC)

Public Diplomacy, Political and Cultural Affairs Section (PPC)

  • Public Diplomacy: the team maintains contacts with both the Japanese and Dutch press and is responsible for public diplomacy in areas such as gender, LGBT rights and other social issues regarded as important by the Netherlands and on which the Netherlands focuses abroad as well.
  • Political Affairs: the team informs the Dutch government on political developments in and concerning Japan and informs the Japanese community on Dutch views on foreign affairs. The team works in close cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union and maintains a broad network including Japanese ministries and government institutions, think tanks, universities and non-governmental organizations. The team is also responsible for high level and minister level visits from the Netherlands to Japan and vice versa.
  • Cultural Affairs: the team promotes Dutch culture in japan and maintains contacts with the cultural sector in the Netherlands. To support the Dutch cultural sector, the team has a budget to provide supplementary subsidies for activities such as performances and exhibits by Dutch artists.  

Policy team:

Cees Roels (Head of Section and Deputy Head of Mission)

Ton van Zeeland (Deputy Head of Section)

Pieter van Sloten (Political Officer)

Bas Valckx (Policy Officer) (Dutch/English/Japanese)

Miho Nishimoto (Policy Officer) (Dutch/English/Japanese)

Kim Dang (Policy Officer) (Dutch/English/Japanese)

Support team:

Mariko Nakano (Japanese/English)

Ryoko Matsumoto (Japanese/English)



Phone: +81 3 5776 5404