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Visit family or friends visa

IMPORTANT! From 1 February only by appointment

Passports submitted for visa applications cannot be returned to the applicant until the procedure is completed. From start to finish the procedure takes between 5 and 15 working days. Please take this in mind when applying for a visa.

Visa applications must be made in person at the visa section of the Schengen country of longest stay.
All requested documents should be submitted 3 weeks before departure.

Any confirmation by fax, copy, e-mail and/or Internet will not be accepted as an original.
Your visa application fee is non-refundable.
There is never a guarantee that the decision on the visa application will be positive.

Please be advised that the possession of a valid Schengen visa does not grant an irrevocable right of entry or temporary stay in the territory of the Schengen member states.
You may be required to present certain evidence again upon entry at the border post.

You are required to hand in the following documents: 

Besides these, the Embassy may request other supporting documents.
Photocopies must be submitted of any document for which you wish to have the original returned to you.
All documents have to be in English or Dutch. If the original is in Japanese, you will have to supply a translation. The translation does not have to be official.


Application form. Please fill it in before coming to the Embassy.


1 recent passport photograph in color. The photo requirements can be found  here. Please do not attach the photograph to the application form.


Passport with a validity exceeding 3 months after your scheduled return to Japan. The passport should have 2 unused visa pages and may not be older than 10 years.


Japanese residence permit, valid for more than 3 months after returning to Japan.


Photocopy of your passport (ID page, visa page for Japan (if applicable), latest Schengen visa if you have ever been to a Schengen country before, visa for your final destination if your purpose of travel in the Netherlands is a transit).


Official invitation letter certified by a city hall in the Netherlands and a copy of the relatives' or friends' passport and if applicable also a copy of a valid Dutch residence card. If you will not be staying over at your relatives' or friends' house: Hotel reservation confirmation for all hotels you will stay at in the Schengen countries.


Bank passbook or bank statement which shows an amount over at least three months up to the present and sufficient means of support for your stay. If your relative or friend in the Netherlands is paying all the expenses he/she should indicate this on the official invitation letter (see 6.) and provide pay slips of the last three months.

Proof of sufficient means of support for your stay in the Netherlands:
- proof that you have at least €34 per person per day for the duration of your stay.


One or more of the following documents that shows your ties to Japan:

- Companee employee: Job letter (Zaishoku shōmeisho: 在職証明書) including info about salary and duration of annual vacation.

- Self-employed: Registration of your company (Shōgyō tōkibo tōhon: 商業登記簿謄本 or Eigyō Kyokashō: 営業許可証 and separately also Nōzei shōmeisho: 納税証明書 or Kakutei shinkokusho hikae: 確定申告書控え).

- Student: Certificate of student registration (Zaigaku shōmeisho: 在学証明書) from an educational institution. As for a field trip, a letter from an educational institution certifying the trip. (If the applicant is a minor, please also supply the documents mentioned below)

- Spouse of Japanese national: A recent translated family register showing your connection with the Japanese national.

- Minor: A letter of consent for travel signed by the parents, including their passport copies should also be submitted. Also, either the birth certificate or residence register is required to show the ties to the parents.

If none of the above apply: Please contact the consular section for advice by email or phone. See below for contact details.


Airline print-out of your flight reservation (For internet reservations, only e-tickets issued by flight companies are acceptable).


Overseas travel insurance covering urgent medical costs, urgent hospitalisation costs and medical evacuation (Kyūenshahiyō: 救援者費用, Shōgai: 傷害, Shippei: 疾病). The insurance needs to be valid in all Schengen countries and cover a minimum of 30.000- Euro (about 4 million yen) for each item. Family members of EU and Swiss citizens are exempted of the travel insurance requirement.


In case you prefer to receive your documents by mail after a decision is made, it is possible to have your passport sent back to you straight from our regional offiice in Malaysia through DHL. This will save you 1-3 days, however, the cost is 1300 yen. If you prefer this option, please fill out  this form and bring it with you.

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